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Upcomming Events

1/27/2015    SLO Section Manuscripts/Resumes Due by 5pm
1/27/2015    KI/SV Record book
1/27/2015    National Ag Ed Inservice
1/27/2015    Stan/T Speeches
1/27/2015    San Diego Section Final State Degree & Proficiency
1/27/2015    Imperial Section Bowling
1/28/2015    Ventura CATA & State Degree Scoring - 4:00
1/28/2015    MB Job Int. Resumes/ Parli Pro Numbers
1/28/2015    EFM/WFM Record book
1/28/2015    Sacramento- Speeches
1/28/2015    Yolo Speeches
1/29/2015    SB Section Manuscripts and Resumes Due
1/29/2015    SEQ/TK Record Books
1/29/2015    Tri rivers Super Thursday
1/29/2015    HD Prepared, Creed, BIG & Prof. Selection
1/29/2015    Riverside Section FFA Speech Contests
1/30/2015    Southern Region FFA Officer Apps Due
1/30/2015    MFE/ALA
1/30/2015    Due Date For All Star apps.
1/30/2015    MFE/ALA Conference

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