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Register for one of the events listed below. If you are new to on-line registration please click here for help. You may register only once.  Please be prepared to enter the number of participants, and for some contests the names of the participants.  If you take longer than 20 minutes on a page, you will need to start over.

Click here to begin your registration using your CalAgEd login and password.   If you have an event specific password for an event listed below, you can register directly by clicking on the event title.

Event Host Event
2015 Lassen College Field Day  Lassen College  10/3/2015  9/25/2015 


You may confirm your registration at any time using the link(s) below.

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Event Host
2015 Lassen College Field Day  Lassen College 


Please contact the host school for questions about event registration. Additional Help.
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